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Internet Safety

The best way to know what your child is doing online is to ask. Whether you ask other parents, an Internet-savvy friend, or your child about how they use the Internet. Asking the correct questions will help you recognise what your child is doing online so you can make sure they are making safe online choices.

Once you learn how your child uses the Internet and what is available to them, you can establish online guidelines and rules. Whether it’s setting guidelines about which sites to visit or what’s okay to do online, it is necessary to clearly communicate the rules to your child.

Speak often to your child about potential risks and what to do in various situations. Encourage your child to ask questions about situations they run into. Being aware of the risks your child faces, and communicating frequently with your child about these risks, will help develop their judgment and responsibility about Internet usage.

For more information please visit NetSafe.

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Parent’s Rooms

Looking after your little ones will always be a pleasure at Westfield because our Parents Rooms are equipped with a microwave, change tables and kids toilets... all in a safe and comfortable environment. And of course, Dads are also welcome in all our Parents Rooms. 

For more information please see the Customer Service Desk at your local Westfield centre.

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Kiddie Kruzzers

Looking for the ultimate in kid transportation? Kiddie Kruzzers are available for hire from the Customer Service Desk. Available in single and double seating a Kiddie Kruzzer is the coolest way to get around.

An hourly charge applies - $5 per single, $8 per double - and photo ID is required.

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Stroller Hire

Shopping with kids? Why not hire a stroller from the Customer Service Desk to make shopping easier. There is no charge, however photo ID is required and terms and conditions apply. Please note strollers are not available for hire at Westfield WestCity.

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