What new, exciting gifts await for your birthday?

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We’ve got exciting news!

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at LEGO to give all of Monty’s friends, both new and old, a cool new birthday gift when their big day rolls around.

From here on in, until stocks run out, each 2-5 year old kid are WKids Club members will get a free DUPLO gift and each 6-10 year old will get a free LEGO one. Plus with the LEGO gifts we have different variations for the girls and the guys.

What more could you want?!

Your kids will still get their birthday card from Monty in the mail, so you don’t have to do anything just yet. When it arrives, simply head on in to your local Westfield centre, show the birthday card at the Customer Service Desk and there you have it – LEGO or DUPLO will be in their hot little hands in no time.

Sign up today.

If you’re not a WKids Club member yet, sign up now. It’s free, the kids get a free registration gift and of course these awesome birthday gifts as well. Plus we’ll deliver you event information, exclusive competitions and the goings on of the club and Monty the Monkey straight to your inbox.

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  • Monty the Monkey

    Hi Sreeja, can you please let me know what mall you went to? We shall email you as well as sounds very odd.

  • Sreeja M

    Hi Monty the Monkey, I have recently got a birthday card for my child in the post. I just went on Saturday and i asked all the malls they said we cant do it for you. Can u just tell me what to do now.

  • Sreeja M

    I got a birthday card but when I went to all the malls they said they don’t accept this

  • Arambh V

    Hi Monty the Monkey how are you ??

  • Monty the Monkey

    Hi there May. Thanks for your comment, this is very odd and we do apologise. We have emailed you to look to rectify this. Thanks.

  • May G

    My girl rec'd a very disappointing birthday gift from you for her 10th. Its a counting book for baby!!!!

  • Monty the Monkey

    Hi Jalpa

    That sounds a bit bizarre, as she should get a birthday card in the mail telling her to collect her birthday gift in centre each year. If you email us at nmarketing@scentregroup.com with her name and birthday we can look into it. Thanks.

  • Jalpa B

    Hi my friend told me tgat you distribute gifts on kids birthday my daughter hasn't received on her birthday.can she get she's 2 year old now.

  • Veera B

    Thank you monty for such a lovely gift.

  • Sandra G

    My daughter, Natalie's 8th birthday was on Dec 15th, but we did not get a card in the mail. Can we still get her birthday Lego gift?

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