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We all know the kids love play time. It’s a chance for them to expend some energy, let their creativity and minds run wild, to places we could never even think, and generally just have a heap of fun.

So, we got together with our friends over at Kmart to give you a look at some of the cool, cute and classic toys your kids will be craving at the moment.

Give them a best friend for life.

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Teddies and soft toys are something that can stay with kids for life. They get dragged around everywhere, they wipe up any tears, and are always there to go on every adventure the little ones have.

From dinosaurs to dogs, and everything in between, Kmart will have the soft toy their heart desires. Our favourite has definitely got to be this little tiger.

Something to play dress ups or grown-ups with.

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Who doesn’t know a little wannabe Elsa? With tiaras, slippers and everything else they need in their lives, they’ll be ready to become the next princess in no time.

Or, if they want to just play around with a doll, maybe push it round in a mini pram just like their parents did with them, they’ve got that covered too.

An animal kingdom awaits.

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Who didn’t have a few animal figurines in their childhood? Whether they want to go barnyard, under the ocean, prehistoric or safari, there’s an animal of choice waiting for them. Or mix it up – because why can’t a dinosaur become best friends with a giraffe?

Check out some more of the toys your kids could get their hands on below.

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  • Kanchan K

    Very nice through about the give away toys :) hope my daughter gets one :)

  • Ayang S

    Lovely shop

  • visesio f

    can I have toy for my kids please

  • Pauline M

    Both my kids would love these toys, even my son with the Elsa tiara etc. ( he is only just over 1 1/2 years). Cool toys I even love them