Monsters under the bed with Peter Alexander

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There's nothing scarier when you're young than thinking there are monsters living under your bed. But if you can't beat them join them - and now with Peter Alexander's latest collection you can! 

Cure your little one's fear with snuggly, fuzzy and adorable PJs and accessories that will send them right to sleep. Plus mum and dad can get in on the action too. Check out some of the collection below including those super furry monster feet slippers.

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  • Monty the Monkey

    Hey Dawn, we have Peter Alexander in Albany, St Lukes, Newmarket and Riccarton. If you ever want to know which stores are at which centre, simply click on Westfield at the top of this page or go to westfield.co.nz and then click Stores. You can search for any retailer we have.

  • Dawn T

    Wow these are cool love the feet but no info on which Westfield mall has a store orcosts