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This year has definitely seen the rise of personalised fashion accessories. Everyone’s desire to set themselves apart and get hold of something just that little bit unique has sprung a definite trend, and now one of our favourite brands, Country Road, has got in on the mix. Best yet, they haven’t just limited it to the adults, they’ve branched into personalised kids items, meaning your little ones too can have something special and just for them. And we love it!

With the ability to pick from two different fonts, a range of different embroidery colours, you can get the kid’s initials or name on selected accessories and clothing items like bags, PJs, towels, so many options. Take a look at how a few of them look below (omg that shark bag though – in love!).

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  • Tina U

    Absolutely awesome love to have one for my son..

  • Joeylou T

    This is awesome!