DIY felt flag for Father's Day

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It's nearly Father's Day and who wouldn’t want a cute portrait of themselves stitched onto a pennant? This Father’s Day craft project is perfect for kids from primary school age and up so, surprisingly, you need very little crafting skills to pull it off. If your child can draw and you can thread a needle, then this project is a cinch. For younger kids, you may have to do the sewing for them, but kids over 6 should be able to do most of this themselves with some supervision.

• Craft felt (the stiff kind)
• Wooden dowel
• Craft glue
• Scissors
• Wool
• A needle (with a big enough eye for wool)
• Thin rope

Head out to your local Westfield and grab all of your materials. Most can be bought from any of the larger stores, but you may need to visit a craft shop for the wooden dowel.

Cut your felt to the right shape. These pennants are very trendy right now, but you can do any shape you want.

Now, cut a few pieces of paper to the size you want your child’s portrait to be and get your child to draw some pictures of their dad. The simpler the better. My child chose to draw THREE people; I would strongly advise against that option because, of course, she lost interest while stitching and I had to finish it for her.

pennant craft2

But I’m getting ahead of myself. While your child is drawing their portrait, cut out the felt letters and set them aside.

Now for the fun part. Place your child’s picture on the pennant and get them to start embroidering over/through it with the wool. If you’re not confident with a needle and thread, it’s okay. You just need to thread your needle, tie a knot in one end of the wool, start from the underside of your felt and guide them to sew along the lines. It’s really as simple as that. When all of the lines are stitched over, you can carefully tear all the paper out.

Finally, you just need to glue the letters on and connect your felt to the dowel by folding it over and gluing it to itself. Keep it together with pegs until the glue dries, then tie on the string.

pennant craft3

Happy Father’s Day!

Contributed by Barbara O'Reilly @patchworkcactus.

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