Behind the scenes of Monty’s latest videos

Monty's video shoot

If you’ve been down at Westfield St Lukes lately you may have bumped into a few of us roaming about filming Monty’s newest videos.

We don’t want to give away too much, as we’re excited to share the final clips with you soon, but basically there is a lot of monkeying around!

We had plenty of kids crafting away, creating glitter mayhem, getting all sticky with the glue sticks, and generally creating artistic masterpieces. And then some of our older WKids members had a go on all our Monty’s World games. With challenges going out, there were high scores getting set throughout the morning. Monty’s Stunt Plane definitely seemed to be a favourite.

Monty the Monkey

Of course Monty the Monkey was there throughout, being his mischievous self, and Westfield’s ambassador, Amber Peebles, got amongst it all and had a great time getting to know a few of our WKids Club members. Overall, filming was a lot of fun.

It’s all in the name of spreading the word about the wonders of the WKids Club and coming along to events like Monty Mornings. (But we know we don’t have to convince you of that, you are reading Monty’s Diary already after all).

Check out the behind the scenes pics below for a sneak peak, and then soon enough we’ll be sure to let you know when you can see Monty’s video masterpieces. It’s a whole lot of cute and worth the wait, we promise. 

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