A Father's Day dad-guide


Father’s Day is on its way and we are just going to take a moment to celebrate our (generally) most unenthusiastic shoppers, the dads. The creative ones, the tinkerers, the cooks, the jokers. For our gift guide this year, we thought we would make it easier for you all with this handy dad-guide because let’s face it – dudes can be hard to buy for.

Creative Dad
Identifying features: Plays an instrument (well), owns a set of charcoal pencils or has a Pinterest account.

This guy is a dream to shop for, all you need to do is head to your nearest art shop and stock him up with his weapon of choice. But because it’s father’s day and he's probably a bit sentimental, why not think about choosing a gift that encourages him to create something with the kids? Ukuleles for the whole family? Matching father-daughter sketchbooks? Imagine what his dream afternoon with the kids would look like and make it happen.

Active Dad
Identifying features: Gets up early voluntarily to exercise, owns more than one pair of running shoes, has a gym membership and uses it.

There are so many great gifts in store for these guys, apart from the obvious (more running shoes, gym bag, activewear) think about what his motivation for being active is. Is it to stay in shape? A protein-packed recipe book may be the way to go. Does he just love to push himself? There are a bunch of wearable gadgets on the market that can help him measure his progress. Knowing his ‘why’ will help you decide your ‘what’.

Shed Tinkering Dad
Identifying features: Owns a tool belt, really likes making things out of wine barrels or palettes, rarely comes inside the house when he’s home.

We asked one of our staff who is the wife of a shed tinkering dad, and she suggested an intercom. But that’s not really for his benefit. When it comes to tools as gifts, he really wants to choose those things himself. So maybe consider something more along the lines of a Bluetooth speaker that has a decent range. You can get waterproof and shockproof ones that will make his tinkering all the more enjoyable. Good quality work socks (especially those fancy bamboo ones) will make his projects more comfortable and a good quality lazer level always comes in handy.

Foodie Dad
Identifying features: Can taste the difference between different cuts of meat from the same animal, likes to shop for ingredients seasonally, knows how to shop for ingredients seasonally.

If you’re buying for a foodie dad, first up congratulations! You get to eat food that you didn’t have to cook all.the.time. Snaps to you. Secondly, we realise that it can also be a bit tricky. He knows what frying pan he likes, and he probably already owns it. We suggest focusing on the meals that he eats outside the house. Does he have a good quality bento-style lunchbox and lunch bag? Has he got a reusable coffee cup? There are so many gadgets around that ensure making a packed lunch is that little bit more enjoyable.

Stylish Dad
Identifying features: Owns more than two hair products, has a favourite fashion influencer, uses all his wardrobe space, and more.

This guy knows what he likes and appreciates a good fabric when he sees it. Because it’s Father’s Day, have some fun with this one. Lots of brands are now doing ‘twinning’ fashion for parents and kids. Why not buy this stylo and his offspring some matching threads? Chances are he would love to see a mini-me rocking the same get-up as him. Bags are also a really great gift for the stylish dad. A nice leather duffle bag is a keep-forever-gift and a satchel will always come in handy when you’re just past the baby-bag-stage but not quite in the leave-the-house-empty-handed-stage.

So there we go, happy shopping and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the lovely dads out there! You guys are the actual best.

Contriubted by Barbara O'Reilly @patchworkcactus

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